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Portfolio: Brochures and Postcards

Healthcare consulting company merger announcement mailer

Healthcare: Merger Announcement Mailer

A long-term consulting client merged with another firm. The new entity needed an attention-grabbing yet professional mailer to introduce itself.  We worked closely with the designer to provide copy that announced the merger and the name of the newly merged firm,  put forth its value proposition, and fit the mailer's unique design. 

Healthcare consulting firm brochure

Healthcare: Consulting Firm Brochure

A healthcare consulting firm needed to establish a new brand identity and introduce the what and how of its service line. We developed copy for a pocket brochure providing eye-catching high level text with supporting detail available for the interested reader.  

Brochure -- internet technology conference

Technology Conference: Web Brochure 

The client requested a comprehensive marketing piece and program brochure for the 20th anniversary of one of its yearly constituent conferences. This piece was completed against a particularly tight time-frame. 

Education for sustainability brochure

Sustainability: Education Program  Brochure

This tri-fold brochure offered our non-profit client an inexpensive way to inform teachers, administrators, and others in their programs about the full scope of the organization's work. Subsequent to this and other work with the client, they have grown from a predominantly local organization to one with a much broader reach. 

Postcard series -- design firm

Design Firm Postcard Series 

This design client picked quotes with impact and created the designs for this four=postcard series (one of several we worked on with them). We wrote brief, blazing marketing copy that explicated each idea.  

Technology standards organization brochure

Technology: Internet Engineering Task Force Brochure

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the primary entity responsible for establishing the Internet’s open technology standards --the rules that make things work. The client asked us to put together a brochure that would grab the interest of potential sponsors for its yearly conference, lay out the benefits of being a sponsor, and answer questions about the IETF.  

Healthcare value-based payment sell sheet

Healthcare: Consulting Firm Sell Sheet

 In the healthcare field, many prospects still like to see printed marketing material during or after a business development meeting. This piece is one of many we wrote for the consulting client, covering the benefits and component elements of each of their service lines. 

Construction technology postcard series

Electrical Installations Contractor: Postcard Series

The client, with an established reputation for whole-building electrical installations, wanted to build their presence in the smaller-project market. This series of four postcards showed off their work in that category while stressing the benefits of their work for smaller projects. 

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