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Why would anyone use postcards or print brochures in the 21st century? They still have impact, even more now that they are less commonly used. And static mailings (e.g. PDF "postcards") still have a place.

Our marketing copy will reach your audience on an emotional level. That's important, because people--even business people--buy how your product or service makes them feel. It's as true for sustainable businesses or healthcare organizations as for consumer marketing—fundamental human needs don't change. 

Players and Motivations

Subtlety can be key to making the emotional connection in marketing communications. That's why we make sure that your marketing communications are strategically positioned. and that we understand how the specific marketing piece will fit in to your sales process. Who are the people you need to convince, and what motivates them?

We match the emotional "temperature" of the copy to your target and message. Edgy and cool? Warm and professional? Properly trustworthy? It's all about what will make your audience comfortable with you and your products or services.


Show, Not Tell

We make sure we "show" your target audience what differentiates you. This might mean letting your customers' experiences form part of the story, making use of press to make a point, or using client names judiciously. It also means that we work collaboratively with the graphic designer to make sure that design and copy work together to deliver your message with power.

See examples of our print communications on our portfolio page. Then contact us for marketing materials that will deliver the right message to the right targets. 


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