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Consulting and Communications Support

As we recover from the worst of the pandemic in the US, you and your team are working under conditions that change constantly. Demands continue to change with every economic jolt, every modified safety restriction, and every public health prognostication.   

We can take just a bit of the weight off you by serving as a flexible resource, with experience in consulting, research, and analysis. Possibilities include:  ​

  • Developing letters or status reports, etc. working with your healthcare or technology subject matter experts

  • Coordinating small teams to complete a document (e.g. sustainability research staff, writer, graphic designer)

  • Creating background papers/informal briefings based on Internet research on a range of topics, including healthcare, sustainability, and technology

We can provide quality assurance for written communications through: 

  • Line and copy editing

  • Polishing the writing of those who are not completely fluent in English

We can coach individual employees in: 

  • Basic writing skills

  • Developing storylines and structuring documents

  • Appropriate use of quantitative findings and graphics in written material

If these examples start you thinking about a potential way that we can be of assistance during this difficult time, let's explore the possibilities together. Call or email today. There's never a charge for an initial discussion. 

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