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Portfolio: Articles and Blog Posts

Healthcare journal blog post

Healthcare Journal Blog Post

In writing content for professionals, the ideas and knowledge come from the client's subject matter experts. Starting with their outline or draft, we discuss key ideas and how best to support main points, create opening sentences and headers to draw in the professional reader, and edit to keep the blog post--in this case, for a professional journal--within allowed word counts. 

Journal article, healthcare management, accountable care organizations

Healthcare Journal Article: 

Accountable Care Consolidation 

When developing journal articles with professionals we may conduct in-depth interviews, review client documents, work with them on developmental editing, refine drafts, and add headers and titles as required.  Our background in healthcare consulting and quantitative analysis allows us to work effectively with the client's writing team. 

Sustainability newsletter article on clean energy for heating buildings

Sustainability Newsletter Article:

Electrifying Building Heat for Cleaner Energy

We wrote the article, "Reducing Greenhouse Gases from Buildings," for a non-profit organization focused on housing and the environment, based on an interview with the organization's subject matter expert.

Healthcare journal article, mergers and acquisitions

Healthcare Journal Article: M&A

Having previously covered the same topic in other formats for this client, we were able to rapidly and productively assist the writing team in finalizing this professional journal article.  

Healthcare professional journal article, patient tracking clinical trials

Technology Journal Article:
Patient Tracking for Clinical Trials 

This client asked us to polish this article on data tracking for clinical trials by tightening the structure and line editing. Our background in data analysis and information technology was essential to the assistance we were able to provide. 

Healthcare journal article, transaction valuation

Healthcare Journal Article: Valuation 

Business valuation is complex; so are Accountable Care Organizations. Dealing with both of these topics in an M&A context made this editing assignment particularly challenging. The client was able to successfully place this article in a professional journal. 

All portfolio items are copyright to the client or journal and cannot be used without permission 

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