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Portfolio: Website Copy and Content 

Website copy for technology consulting company

Technology Website: Cloud Virtual Desktops

A current client needed an additional website for a new service line. We developed positioning with the client, wrote the copy, and worked with their webmaster to ​customize a template and select images. We continue to work with the client on keeping the blog fresh.  

Healthcare financial management website copy

Healthcare Web Content:
Financial Management for Risk-Based Healthcare Contracts

A long-time healthcare client developed a joint venture with a specialist company and created a new website for the venture. They site used marketing copy we had created for the new business. 

Video script for technology NGO

Technology Web Animation:
Training Video Script 

An NGO that holds a yearly meeting of more than 2000 international attendees, with more than 200 sessions, wanted to provide a "Top 10" type guide for first-time attendees. We wrote the script for this seven-minute video. 

Technology consulting website copy and images

Technology Website:
Customized IT Solutions

The client, a provider of customized IT solutions to mid-sized companies, needed a complete website refresh. We worked with their subject matter experts to update the copy, select images with an eye to diversity, and develop posts for their newly created blog. The new site supported the client in closing additional work.

Technology: online product sales training sample pages

Technology: Online Product Sales Training

We played a major role in developing and producing the content for 50+ online product training modules for the many companies (including Fortune 500 companies) served by our client. The 25-minute modules trained dealer reps at their convenience, providing information on product benefits, features, and starting the sales conversation. Companies that used the modules reported improved sales results,

Products covered included computer hardware (from PCs to servers to data storage), data center services, printers and printing services, electronics recycling, and food ingredients.    

Module content is proprietary; click on image for sample pages. 

Technology, video script on digital data privacy

Personal Data Privacy Video Script

This nonprofit organization developed this video to educate computer users about the risks and benefits of the digital footprints we all leave online, and to encourage people to take control of their private data. We wrote the script for the eight minute video, which is still in use some years after production. 

Arts Therapist

 With an immediate opportunity to connect with potential clients nationwide, this client wanted to build a more targeted website on a tight schedule. We turned around the copy, and working with her designer, quickly gave her the site she needed.  

Sustainable removal of invasive plants--website copy

Invasive Plant Control

The client's company removes invasive plants without using toxic chemicals. As part of their mission to educate the public about invasives, the website's section on the "10 Most Wanted Invasives" provides concise information on each. Writing copy and content for this site made use of our knowledge of systematic botany!  

All portfolio items are copyright to the client and cannot be used without their permission 

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