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Make Things Easy for Your Reader

Even a minor rough spot in your writing can interrupt the reader’s flow, cause distraction, and turn their attention elsewhere.


You can’t sell a product—or an idea--unless your audience is paying attention. And you want to make paying attention as easy as possible. After all, there are so many other things your audience could be looking at.

That’s why when you write a blog, a webpage, or even a business-related tweet, it’s worth the effort to make each sentence and phrase clear and unambiguous. If a reader hits a grammatical trip hazard, they may not know exactly what’s wrong, but they will feel slightly annoyed and may not put in the work to ferret out the intended meaning.

You don’t need to remember the difference between a participle and a gerund, but it helps to recognize the sound of properly constructed writing. Reading your work out loud is a great help in identifying problems that will offend your reader’s inner ear and throw them off track. (It’s also useful for spotting words you thought to yourself, but never actually typed).

So watch out for the grammatical potholes, and keep your reader reading!

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