Website Navigation and Copy

Whether you need a new website or an update, we make sure you have a website that works. A site where people can find what they want quickly, and move around easily. A site that captures and holds the reader with informative, easy-to-read copy.

Straightforward Navigation
A well-crafted navigational structure can make the difference between an effective site and one that users leave quickly. Since search engines or a link may drop a user deep within your site, it's important that the user can find their way around from wherever they start. The proper structure provides a good sense of the site's full content, no matter what page you are on.

Webcopy—Not Brochureware
We produce tight, effective web copy that reaches your audience, with comfortable, conversational language. Web readers scan, so complex sentences can be hard to follow. Even serious information requires copy that is relaxed—but not chatty. We work with you to develop the messaging for the site as a whole and for each of its sections. When you need case studies, articles, newsletters, reports or other written materials for the site, we can develop those for you.

Finding the SEO Balance Point
There are many things you can do with copy to achieve search engine optimization (SEO). Some of them produce some pretty ugly web pages. We try to strike a balance between using basic techniques to help get people to your site, and having something worth reading when they get there.

We work closely with web designers to be sure that the themes of your site are reinforced both verbally and visually. Your website is most powerful when copy and graphics work together to support your positioning and reach your targets.