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Business-to-Business / Technology

Return Path, Inc.
Industry: Email marketing
Project Type: White paper

Client Profile: World-leading company providing services relating to permission-based email

Marketing/Communications Challenge: Develop a white paper on creating great email subscriber experiences, based on the company's research. The company sought a paper that would generate significant coverage in the specialty press, as well as generating leads from their website.

Jussim Communications Solution and Results: We reviewed the report observations, including study methodology and numeric findings; asked questions to generate additional quantitative analysis, and discussed findings and implications with research and marketing staff.

We then created a highly-readable paper that integrates key findings, implications and client best practice recommendations by topic, using illustrations from the emails and websites of companies in the research sample to lighten up the text.

The paper produced press coverage for the client in the top e-newsletters and blogs serving the e-marketing industry, including DirectNewslines, where it was the top story, MediaBuyerPlanner, MediaPost, B@B (top story), and others. Several months later, the paper was still generating press mentions.

The white paper served as the basis for a presentation used at both a client/prospect event and for a webcast. It was also the foundation for the client's email education series for the quarter.

DGA Partners, Inc.
Industry: Management Consulting
Project Type: Suite of corporate marketing materials: corporate brochure, website, marketing kit, newsletter; later projects have included specialty services brochures and continuing newsletters

Client Profile: Boutique consulting firm serving the healthcare industry

Marketing/Communications Challenge: Create both print and interactive marketing and presentation materials with a unified approach to positioning, structure and voicing. The company wanted to convey both their 10+ years of company experience, and their collaborative and respectful style in working with clients, as well as describing the full range of their services and capabilities. They also needed a professional look that would tie together all their pieces.

Jussim Communications Solution and Results: Through extensive collaborative discussions with senior-level staff, we developed a detailed understanding of the firm's services and target markets. This was the underpinning for the company's updated positioning and definition of its specific service "products." We transformed the company's message with an emphasis on the value provided to clients.

Jussim Communications produced all copy for a 30-page website, a 12 page brochure and standardized staff bios, and modified the web copy for use in a print marketing kit. Smaller brochures were developed for specific product areas. We created a newsletter sent to several thousand health care executives and we continue to write articles for this newsletter, now in its third year, in collaboration with the company's subject-matter experts.

We helped select a designer and worked with them on creating the look and feel for the printed materials and website, and on selecting print formats. The firm's capabilities brochure won a Silver Davey award.

The company's revenues have increased by about a third since the new brochures, website and newsletter were developed and taken to market.

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Visser Software Services, Inc.
Industry: Information Technology
Project Type: Product brochure

Client Profile: A master value-added reseller for facilities management software applications, and developer of a new software product based on one of these applications.

Marketing Challenge: Create a product brochure and related press-release for the launch, at a Gartner conference, of a new facilities management software product targeted to chief information officers at enterprise-level corporations. Develop the positioning and messaging, write all copy and provide guidance to the designer.

Jussim Communications Solution and Results: Extensive interviewing with the client and customers helped identify the unique value of the new product. The product provides clear visibility into the complexities of server rooms. The copy and visual themes focused on moving from darkness and obscurity into light and clarity. We developed a succinct statement of benefits, uncovered success stories and integrated it all into a single, full-sized, eight page brochure.

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Intrasphere Technologies, Inc.
Industry: Information Technology
Project Type: Marketing communications, white papers, articles, website updates

Client Profile: Systems designer and integrator for large enterprises.

Marketing/Communications Challenge: Create marketing materials for a portfolio of new services that would make these new product offerings stand out in a crowded market.

Jussim Communications Solution and Results: Working in close collaboration with subject matter experts on Intrasphere's project management and executive staff, Jussim Communications helped articulate the value proposition for each new service offering. In partnership with Intrasphere's experts, we developed a white paper, published articles, marketing collateral and related website updates for a portfolio of new systems solutions as well as a presentation abstract leading to an invitation to present at a national conference. We also wrote the company's first consistent set of case studies and staff biographies.

The materials were still in use several years later, and were repurposed for numerous events, sales, and public relations efforts. These multiple projects were completed over a period during which Intrasphere's revenues more than tripled and during which they were recognized as one of the "Fast 500," Deloitte & Touche' list of the nation's fastest-growing technology companies.

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Design and the Arts

Fantasy Painted Finish
Industry: Decorative arts
Project Type: Brochure

Client Profile: An extraordinary artist and craftsperson who creates custom objet d'art using painting and rare old world faux finish techniques to make her clients' decorative fantasies come true.

Marketing/Communication Challenge: The artist sought a marketing brochure targeted to high-end interior decorators. The challenge was to convey why the decorators or their clients should commission the artist, whose work does not fall within any conventional niche. We needed to demonstrate and describe the beauty of her work, while at the same time making her upscale clientele think about situations for which she could create a piece for them.

Jussim Communications Solution and Results: Working with the brochure designer, we created a gatefold brochure with a visual and verbal "hook" on the gatefold, which opened to copy emphasizing the one-of-a-kind nature of the work and photos of her work. We included brief versions of each object's highly individual story, so that readers will be inspired with thoughts about commissioning a gift or decorative item of their own.

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Aaron Design, Inc.
Industry: Graphic Design
Project Type: Promotional postcards

Client Profile: Creator of innovative visual marketing solutions that help corporate clients and non-profit organizations meet business goals.

Marketing Challenge: Develop copy for a yearly series of promotional postcards created by the designer. The copy plays off each year's theme and the specific card visual, making a substantive point about the client's work, while conveying the client's style.

Jussim Communications Solution and Results: The card copy works from a broad concept to the call to action within a few terse sentences. In each case it references the visual message, highlights the client's business understanding and focuses on an aspect of design.

We have been writing this promotional card series for six years; the series has won awards from Graphic Design USA.

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Non-Profit Organizations

NonProfit HelpDesk
Jewish Foundation for Education of Women
Industry: Non-profit organization
Project Type: Website navigation and copy; brochure; comprehensive marketing support

Client Profile: A non-profit organization providing technical assistance services, education and resources to small to mid-sized non-profit organizations.

Marketing/Communications Challenge: The client needed consistent marketing materials that would inform their hard-to-reach audience about the services and training that they could provide, while at the same time serving as a resource for their advisory board and potential funders. The client's website did not reflect the full breadth of its current programs and there were no printed or email marketing materials.

Jussim Communications Solution and Results: We completely revised the website structure within its existing look and feel, avoiding design expenses, and developed completely new content for the entire site. We added features to build credibility, including client quotes, a client list and case studies. Working with the designer to get an appropriate look and feel, we created a brochure that included a complete catalog of services. The final foundation piece, an oversized bookmark, gives the client an inexpensive and convenient way to publicize their services at events and classes, and to drive people to their website.

  • Developing an annual report,

  • Editing reports to funders

  • Researching and writing a project update

  • Creating advertising copy

  • Developing copy for flyers and press releases publicizing webinars and workshops

  • In addition, we provided comprehensive support in both online and direct mail marketing of the client's full program of workshops, more than tripling the attendance that their workshop program had experienced in prior years.

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    The Global Interdependence Initiative of the Aspen Institute
    Industry: Non-profit organization
    Project Type: Grant report / policy report

    Client Profile: An international non-profit "think tank."

    Marketing Challenge: The Global Interdependence Initiative was concluding the first phase of an effort to build active public support for principled and cooperative international engagement by the United States. Senior staff sought a well-written summary of this complex project's structure and activity during its first three years.

    Jussim Communications Solution and Results: Jussim Communications recommended a document structure and drafted the report, working highly interactively with Initiative leadership, to assure that subtleties were not lost and that the report was completed within deadline. Jussim Communications also advised on layout and visuals.

    The end result is a document that has served not only as a grant report, but also as a valuable tool to introduce the project to audiences including policy-makers, communications professionals, researchers, and potential donors. The Initiative has received multiple compliments on its clarity, structure and layout. The Institute has twice printed additional copies and has distributed more than 3000 (a large run for this type of document). Revenues were generated from the report's sale.

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    Synagogue for the Arts
    Industry: Non-profit organization
    Project Type: Website navigation and copy

    Client Profile: A "traditional synagogue with a creative approach to the challenges of life in the post-modern era," located in downtown Manhattan. The synagogue has an extremely diverse and mutually accepting congregation, and as its name implies, places a special emphasis on the arts as a form of spiritual expression.

    Marketing/Communications Challenge: Develop a new website that supports congregational outreach, inviting people in to the congregation by conveying the flavor of this very unique organization and providing information about its many services and programs. The site also had to reach out to the arts community and other external constituencies. The tone, voicing and in some cases the wording of the copy had to be acceptable to the many different viewpoints of its members.

    Jussim Communications Solution and Results: We attended services and festivities to get a personal sense of the congregation, as well as conducting group and leadership interviews.

    Quotes from the interviews were used to reflect the many voices of the congregation and the way in which it works. In addition to sections describing the congregation's services, educational activities and events, an entire web page was devoted to qualitatively highlighting the diversity of the congregation's members. A section of the site is devoted to the arts program, with a focus on current exhibits. Resource information about exhibiting and arts program funding are easily available for pull-down. We recommended that certain sensitive issues could most effectively be communicated through photographs.

    The congregation was delighted to have a website that truly reflected them, in all their complexity and diversity.

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