Newsletters and Articles

Jussim Communications develops professionally-written newsletters and articles in your voice. These publications build name recognition for your organization and its products or services.

Working with your subject experts, we develop credibility-building articles for publication in professional or business journals or other industry resources.

Your Newsletter—With a Minimum of Your Time
It's a challenge for you and your team to find the time and writing skills to produce a regular newsletter. There's always something more pressing on your plate.

We can make sure that you have a professionally-written newsletter, on a regular schedule, that sounds and feels like it comes from you. We can help with the initial development of a newsletter—editorial focus, title and boilerplate, regular features—and in creating content for existing newsletters.

Your Ideas—Our Expertise
If your goal is publication in a journal or other publication, we will work with your subject matter experts to produce an article that meets your business objectives and reflects the views and voices of your people.

Our background and specialty knowledge means we understand the viewpoints of your company and your readers, and can shape the structure and tone accordingly.